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Donation at the ECEC Chines school in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in China

At the start of the 2020 Chinese New Year, the coronavirus appeared and began spreading. Chinese nurses and doctors fought on the front-lines trying to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus, this action moved the hearts of all the Chinese people across the seas.

On the 22nd of February to the 29th, students and teachers alike began making their way back to the classroom after a holiday. The parents, teachers and students decided to raise money to help the doctors and nurses in China. The money was donated on the basis that students would donate whatever they could, and that parents and teachers donated as much as their kindness could give. Adding all the money up, the amount donated was £690 and ¥860. The money was changed to Yuan and was sent to China to help the nurses and doctors fighting on the front-line.

During this pandemic crisis, the money donated by the pupils and parents of ECEC Chinese school showed their appreciation and warmth towards their homeland. During the course of the pandemic in China, a student’s mother who used to work at the Shanghai Hospital heard that nurses and workers were in need of PPE. At the first moment they got, everyone within the school banded together and donated 50 000 masks and 20 000 pairs of gloves and protective clothing. All this was to show support to the heroes back in China. In addition to this, many households bought lots of equipment to send back to the hospital in their own birthplace. Similarly, after hearing the hospitals were in need of thermometers, the people of ECEC Chinese school went to each house asking for spare thermometers that would hopefully be able to send back to China. There were even some people who did similar kinds of deeds in secret hoping not to draw attention to themselves. Some Students come back to donate even more money. These acts of benevolence are signs of the kindness and warmth the students, parents and teachers feel for their homeland.

Though we are but a drop of water in a mighty river that would soon bring China back to its peaceful state, we helped support the front-lines and aided them in their work anyway. We are all in the same boat and therefore we will band together to help each other.



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