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The Pandemic Can’t Stop Our Journey of Learning Mandarin

After the coronavirus started quickly spreading in the UK, the ECEC swiftly changed to online classes and with the help of teachers and parents, the use of the online platform became efficient and soon classes were taught online. Although everyone was separated by a screen, the students were still quickly drawn into the classes with enthusiasm and the lessons were carried out lively and efficiently. Online materials were further introduced to increase the teaching effectiveness and allow the students to get better at Mandarin.

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Stand Along with Our Motherland

On the 22nd of February to the 29th, students and teachers alike began making their way back to the classroom after a holiday. The parents, teachers and students decided to raise money to help the doctors and nurses in China. The money was donated on the basis that students would donate whatever they could, and that parents and teachers donated as much as their kindness could give. Adding all the money up, the amount donated was £690 and ¥860. The money was changed to Yuan and was sent to China to help the nurses and doctors fighting on the frontline.

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