Hulusi performance works

Hulusi, also called “Glourddi, is a Yunnan ethnic musical instrument. It’s sound is simple and unique whilst its appearance is modest, delicate and compact. In particular, it is easy to learn and hence is loved by music lovers of all different ages. The Edinburgh Chinese Language Centre upholds its love of traditional Chinese culture through various ways.

Since 2018, it has had cucurbit playing classes. Under the guidance of professional teachers, students start off as newbies to the instrument but through two years of hard work they will become very skilled in playing the instrument. Students aged between 7-12 years receive one-hour lessons every week. They are also required to hand in homework during these classes, receiving live feedback on their homework performance in that hour so that the students know what to work on, helping them become more proficient in playing the instrument. The students have all showed persistence, diligence and incredible work ethic throughout these classes. The students of Hulusi class will come together and will always continue to work hard!



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