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Culture Exchange


Being one of the best Chinese schools in United Kingdom, cultural education and edification is a key speciality of our school. Not only does the school provide high-quality cultural courses, we also focus on developing our students into all-round, responsible world citizens. Hence, the school provides as many cultural exchange opportunities as possible, letting the students experience the essence of both the English and Chinese culture, so that they can blossom into key communicators for cultural integration in the future.

Since its establishment, our school has actively participated in and organised a number of celebratory event to provide students with a platform to help our students grow and showcase their talents:

  1. September 1st,, 2017: Students and teachers participated in the charity event that was hosted by Lord Mike Bates and his wife (Xuelin Li) to raise funds for the British Red Cross.
  2. February 2018: Students performed the famous Chinese dance ‘Xiao Hua Dan’at the Annual Chinese New Year Concert at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.
  3. August 2018: Students participated in the “Belt and Road” Chinese Culture and Art Festival.
  4. February 2019: Students performed the famous Chinese dance “Blue Danube” at the Annual Chinese New Year Concert at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.
  5. February 2019: Our talented students performed “Xiao Hua Dan” at the Global Chinese School Network Spring Festival Gala that was hosted by the Chinese Education Foundation.
  6. October 2019: The Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office & Deputy Director of United Front Work Department of China, visited our school to have a look at the hard work that the teachers and staff have put into the school to ensure our education centre is constantly providing top quality education to our students.
  7. November 2019: Our dance students performed “A day in ECEC” at the 8th SCEN Youth Summit.
  8. Since 2018, our Chinese school participates annually in the “Teacher Distance Training”& “Real Scene Classroom”, sponsored by China Chinese Education Foundation.
  9. Since 2017, our student have participated annually in large scales Chinese recital competition.
  10. February 2020: Our school participated in the Annual Chinese New Year Concert at the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.
  11. March 2020: During the global pandemic of Covid-19, parents, teachers and students have come together as a community donated £690 to domestic key workers who were working endlessly to help save lives.

In February 2018, our talented dancers participated in the Annual Chinese New Year Celebratory Concert hosted by Asia Association of Culture, Commerce and Education in Europe. The students performed “Xiao Hua Dan” at the world-famous Usher Hall, Edinburgh which was thoroughly enjoyed by over 2000 people with the general public and fellow distinguished guests. It was a great occasion for our pupils to showcase their raw talent and give the audience a cheerful spirit to celebrate Chinese New Year with the whole Chinese community. Our students were praised for their hard efforts and talent that they showcased and in bringing colourful talent to international stages for people to be entertained.

In August 2019, our energy packed dancers were invited to perform at the Chinese Culture and Art Festival during Edinburgh International Fringe Festival which was hosted by Asia Association of Culture, Commerce and Education in Europe. Our talented students showcased numerous Chinese dance choreographies to the general public by making their mark in the world-famous culture event that is hosted annually every August. Our talented dancers love to take advantage of the platform provided to showcase their talents and their passion for dancing and we as a school can see that our students are paying off as they are exceling to have bright futures.

This is a performance of The Blue Danube by the dancing team from the Chinese school, which took place in the official Edinburgh Chinese New Year concert. In the performance, the traditional Chinese Fan Dance is accompanied by an orchestra. The combination of Western instruments from orchestra and Chinese dancing is a vivid portrayal of the integration of different cultures, which is one of the key qualities we value in our school.