The Pandemic Can’t Stop Our Journey of Learning Mandarin

Online Classes at the ECEC

After the coronavirus started quickly spreading in the UK, the ECEC swiftly changed to online classes and with the help of teachers and parents, the use of the online platform became efficient and soon classes were taught online. Although everyone was separated by a screen, the students were still quickly drawn into the classes with enthusiasm and the lessons were carried out lively and efficiently. Online materials were further introduced to increase the teaching effectiveness and allow the students to get better at Mandarin.

For the sake of preparing for lessons, the teachers spent their own free time getting to grips with the online platform. Fortunately, the quick-witted teachers were soon able to get used to and effectively use the given app. To alleviate parent concerns, there was a Q&A meeting the day before the first lesson allowing households to let go of their worries and look forward to the growth of their children’s mandarin. Before the class started a video made by the NHS was shown. The video showed how to properly wash their hands and how to prevent the spread of the virus. After this, lessons proceeded smoothly and swiftly. After the lessons, the teachers exchanged information on class order, teaching methods, small tips and tricks and soon the teachers’ knowledge of the platform grew deeper and students were able to be more carefree and enjoy their lesson more. Special thanks to the teachers of ECEC for their hard work and dedication.

Because of the increasing speed at which the virus was spreading, face to face lessons were left at a halt and students were left with more time to study with the coming of the online classes. Though these classes were able to successfully replace face to face lessons, the time was limited for each class. For the sake of increasing the productivity of the online classes, parents were advised to give the materials that they had released online to their children for extra work. This also helped as it made a more varied lesson and it helped speed things up for each lesson.

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