ECEC 2020 recitation competition has been successfully completed

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the way ECEC’s recitation competition ran this year was adapted. This year each of the contestants submitted a recording of themselves reciting their chosen pieces. Though this is different to previous years, this certainly did not affect the enthusiasm of the participants who all put in strenuous amounts of preparation anyway!

The judges evaluated their submissions on the following aspects: voice, expression and comprehensive ability.

The specially invited judge Mr Xue commented: “Chinese recitation competitions are a platform to showcase the personal style of the contestants. Through language expressions, they can show the charm of the language and experience the fun in the culture. In this recitation contest, the contestants put on a wide range of different acts. The contestants were very well prepared and they put a lot of effort into their backgrounds, costumes and variety of different aspects to ensure they gave a brilliant presentation! The contestants greatly showcased their abilities this year and there were many outstanding works!”

In the end, we selected the following winners for the first, second and third prize: First prize: Bai Jiaming (Manderin Class 2), Second prize: Zhang Sutong (Mandarin Class 4) and Ye Mingming (Mandarin Chinese) Third prize: Liu Zicheng (Mandarin Class 4) Junior group; First prize Sun Yuhan (Putonghua Class 6) Second prize Yan Zidi (Mandarin Class 5) and Sun Jiasong (Mandarin Class 5) Third prize Zeng Dianqing (Mandarin Class 6), Xiao Wenxuan (Mandarin Class 2), Chen Kewang (Mandarin Class 4) and Fan Yihan (Mandarin Class 6)

The following are the works of the children’s group and the Junenile group’s in the recitation competition:

The First Prize in the children’s category – “My Mother”

The First Prize in Junior Group – Sun Yuhan “I am proud, I am Chinese”

ECEC’s special “Language Expression Series Courses” courses mainly cover Mandarin Chinese phonetics, vocalization methods, artistic language expression skills, artistic emotional expressions skills, impromptu oral expressions skills and many more.Through learning tongue twisters, vocal practice, literary works recitation works, cartoon dubbing, hosting, drama acts, talking and other forms of learning it is ensured that their learning is both efficient and entertaining.

We would like to thank all the contestants and their parents for their enthusiastic support this year! As well as our four judges and teachers for their hard work!

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