ECEC dance team was invited to perform at “Belt and Road” Chinese Culture and Art Shows at the 2018 Edinburgh International Festival

From August 8th to 17th, the Asian Association of Culture, Commerce and Education in Europe (AACCEE) organized the “Belt and Road” Chinese Culture and Art Shows at the 2018 Edinburgh International Festival. During the festival, the dance team from our school was invited to perform at the show on August 10th and 12th. They presented the audience two pieces of performance: “ONE DAY in ECEC” and “Flowering Season”. They are choreographed by the dance teacher of our school and presented on stage for the first time. “ONE DAY in ECEC” is divided into three parts, representing a typic school day for students of different ages and classes. “Flowering Season” is specially prepared in this summer for the festival by the students of Advanced Dance Class at our school. The dance shows the girls’ pleasant demeanour in their flowering age. The two dances were well received by the Chinese Consul General Sun Xudong in Edinburgh, the Deputy Mayor of Edinburgh, the Mayor of Angus, the Mayor of North Ayrshire and the audience.

Our school was established one year ago with a new version. We not only provide Chinese language teaching, also immerse our students in Chinese culture and art. We provide students opportunities to showcase Chinese culture by participating in different non-curriculum activities, this will also allow our students to grow up in harmony with other communities.

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